Annie Dee

Born into a family of meditators, I became curious about the deeper dimensions of life at a young age. 

In my early twenties, Bhakti Yoga was revealed to me, and the heart-opening component of this practice opened my heart to immense joy I had not experienced until then.

It was then that I embarked on my healing journey, and traveled to India where I studied under Himalayan yoga master, Yogrishi Vishvketu, in the system of Akhanda Yoga. I was passed down ancient and holistic elements of yoga that intelligently rebalances the nervous system and activates the bodies natural healing processes. Embedded at the purpose of yoga is the intent to unravel barriers to realizing our true nature that is BLISSFUL JOY and can be accessed through such practices.

My vision and dharmic purpose for being on this Earth is to assist humans in reconnecting to their own innate joy so as to find deep self-love and acceptance for every particle of their being. 

I teach and guide application and embodiment of ancient yogic technologies that require nothing other than the body, breath, and mind, to intelligently activate the parasympathetic nervous system for optimized rest, sleep, and stress-resilience and a more embodied life. 

We can only heal the world, if we can first enact healing within ourselves.

I currently teach weekly in person classes in the Denver/Boulder area at: 
O'Hana Yoga + Barre, Yoga Pod Boulder, Kondition Fitness.


Currently working toward

Certifications from National Academy of Sports Medicine:

Nutrition Coach Certification
Personal Trainer Certification
Corrective Exercise Specialization
Performance Enhancement Specialization
Behavior Change Specialization
Group Fitness Instructor Certification

Health is to Happiness what Vitality is to Joy.

We are all on a unique journey back home to our Selves in this vast YOUniverse. Every moment, every action brings us closer to or further away from our true beingness.

 The choice is yours.

Current regular in-person Offerings 

Group Barre Fitness
Hosted at O'Hana Yoga + Barre

Barre is a low impact, high intensity fitness modality drawing on ballet and pilates influences. 

Explore the edge of discomfort with a mindful approach to fitness for optimal toning and lengthening of muscles.
Hosted at O'Hana Yoga + Barre, Yoga Pod Boulder

Empowering breath and enlivening subtle awareness of mind-body connection through a slow-flow asana sequence.

Breath. Movement. Wisdom.
"Annie is an amazing teacher and practitioner. Her understanding and internalization of the philosophical and physical aspects of her yoga practice shows. I learned so much from her. I love how she integrates the mind, body spirit. My favorite part of her classes was her playing the harmonium and her beautiful, powerful voice from the heavens. She is connected, sweet, compassionate, very knowledgable and truly loves what she does. My favorite yoga teacher ever!
—Rob Tharpe