Joyful YOUniverse

Yoga, Meditation, Breathwork, Embodiment

Reconnecting YOU to unwavering Self-Love and JOY that is your True Nature.

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Joyful YOUniverse Vision & Mission

Hello sweet humans! My name is Annie Dee, founder of Joyful YOUniverse. Joyful YOUniverse is a project & vehicle of utilizing movement, breath, and rest to connect to one's true nature. It is founded on the yogic principle that the core of all sentient life and the entire universal cosmos is inherently playful, blissful, and joyful.

Joyful YOUniverse is a project to instill unwavering joy into the lives of humans for greater life meaning. It's mission is to provide practical techniques that inspire a deep sense of wonder and awe for the interconnected majesty that is this YOUniverse, so that you may learn to radically love and accept every particle of this being.

Joy is the substrate of Life. It is the undercurrent of Nature. It is the ultimate and centric core to all humanity.

Joy is that which connects us to our playful nature, our inner child. Surrendering to joy allows us to find our most fundamental state that is vital, expansive, and blissful.

Joy is a choice, and it can be attained and cultivated at any time because it is our True Nature.
Joy is flow. Joy is the consciousness of the YOUniverse, within and without.

Joyful YOUniverse offers a conglomeration of techniques, practices, offerings, events, courses and trainings that aim to enliven your authentic potential through self-love and self-nurturance.

These practices are centered around

Joyful Movement
Joyful Breath
Joyful Rest
Joyful Living

to enable the practical cultivation of joyful vitality in all areas of life through the vehicles of


Hi, my name is Annie Dee. 

I am a passionate yogini and human being loving life. I grew up in a family of meditators, and learned my first technique when I was 5 years old. Growing up with a strong influence of meditation and yoga I began pondering the vastness of the universe and my place in it at an early age. Having met debilitating stress, anxiety, and chronic illness along the road of life, I now recognize the vital role of choosing intentional daily practices that cultivate and strengthen self-love, and nurturance for this uniquely magnificent body-mind we have all been gifted with.

I am continually discovering the universal truth behind the core-centric belief presented through ancient yogic scriptures that human beings are innately joyful and playful. Within a world rife with pain and suffering, joy is something that may feel like a far reach to many. This is all the more reason why adopting practices that instill more joy is so important, so that even amidst challenge, stress, and the burden of life experiences, we can still find the glimmer of joy is inherent to all of humanity. I am here to serve this planet by offering living practices that aim to break through our own limiting patterns come home to a state of being in which being in love with life is blissfully natural.

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